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An Example of Corporate Espionage in Sport...

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Manchester City (English football club) believes their scouting database has been hacked by a rival Premier League club! ... he+Post%29

Manchester City have today caused something of a stir by formally revealing that the club believes it’s Scouting Performance System has been hacked, possibly by a rival Premier League club.

The program lists details and reports on all potential signings and opposition players, and is hosted online. However, the club has announced that they believe that the software has been infiltrated.

Somewhat comicallty the club also stated that ‘espionage experts’ had been recruited to discover the culprits.

To be honest, it does explain why they had managed to find hiddem gems such as Sergio Aguero and Samir Nasri in recent years, whilst presumably their biggest concern is that somebody reads the file marked ‘Scott Sinclair’.
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