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Assets and function?

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Spark out of interest will assets do more than just +1 rifle skill and help with doing missions ? It would be cool if when you got access to certain assets the would unlock more stuff ( like even more assets, new companies and more mission types ect...) or even advance technology as a whole in the game.

Example : DeepCell - a computer virus asset - once gained you have the power to completely crash the stock market for everything - you will need to use several operatives break into the main servers and unleash this virus to bring everyone back on the same playing field - this asset when used will push all current assets into negative values, all corporations will lose all of their power which was built up and most of their cash causing every corporation to have to start again.

Post Fri Apr 05, 2013 8:45 am

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Yay! Glad you ported the question over here, it's a super one and I'm looking forward to the answer! :D
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Post Fri Apr 05, 2013 4:53 pm
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Hope you don't mind if I port the answer as well!

Assets are very transient (always jumping to the Next Big Thing), so any perks they do have tend to be limited to small economic tweaks.
The War Room, however, can definitely expand in such a fashion! Though I think your particular example might be incredibly game breaking! Though perhaps a virus that causes certain markets to crash would be viable!
Remember that the economic model burns through assets, so having to wait until you luck into one that opens new gameplay (or luck into finding one by an enemy you can steal) wouldn't be too much fun. Anything that opens new gameplay should be incorporated into the war room, where you can expand and control what you have access to (though perhaps at the cost of missing out on a different option. "Do you want a new server room or armoury" sort of thing).
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