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Open to public yet?

Near Future Corporate Espionage!

Post Wed Nov 27, 2013 8:29 pm

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I read that back in July this would be open to the public soon. I just tried to install on my Desura and got an error about not being allowed. Then I read somewhere else we could get a standalone installer which is less frequently updated from the game's web page. I didn't see any dowload links though.

I was wondering if it's available or not?

Post Thu Nov 28, 2013 2:43 pm

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hey, I believe the game is still only open for backers only but the guys here might add you i dont know what there thoughts are but the game hasnt been updated in some time, If theres an update coming i dont know much about what it will contain or how big it will be but its all gone prity silence from the dev's so crossing fingers but yea just keep an eye here and hopefully someone from admin can also respond ya.

Post Mon Dec 02, 2013 11:23 pm

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Not available at this point. I'm going to shamelessly repost this from the LZG Facebook page.

Hey all! Well, "Bad News, Good News" time.

Bad news is already resolving: Another LZG contract has been increasingly eating up my time, as you may have noticed with the recent drop in activity over here. it pretty much killed my efforts to implement the tag system this month, and reduced the amount of time last month. Also, during this month, Unity released the new 2D toolset I've been waiting for! this is good news, but in the bad news category as it means more development time to switch to the new system and get things working again. Gotta do this at some point, so I may as well do it with this tag overhaul. All this means it'll still be some time until Net Gain get's back on track and growing again.

Good news is that this contract means 4-5 more months of development time for Net Gain! I was hoping I could balance the two more easily, but I had to prioritize. Delays are never fun, but I think the extra dev time is more than worth the trade!

So, it's going to be a busy month over here getting things running again. I'm sorry about the silence over here, but honestly I was a bit in denial about how slow things had gotten and I was hoping to just power through it, which clearly didn't quite work. But! Here we are; bad news dealt with, we've got our extra time, and now lots of new good developments are coming up!

So current plans: the tag system mentioned last month, and making everything compatible with the new Unity/NGUI stuff. A lot of the GUI stuff will be under the hood, but the additions and fixes will open up some doors that were previously closed, and removed some bottlenecks. I'll keep everyone up on the new developments on Twitter like usual, and the occasional post on here. Though it's going to be pretty boring for awhile still... upgrading code to new standards isn't very exciting.

Post Wed Dec 04, 2013 4:21 am

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Otagan Thanks for the post, I dont know the twitter nore do i really follow such silly things.

Well it seems the game has gotten a back seat lol, I dont know how it gets to be placed inside a rampage of a rage machine with people to tear up and so forth :P.

Im glad a couple of doors are open in the new unity but it seems that a lot of others have done just this and found half there code or more than that utterly usless, And trying to re-implement the same code in the new unity seems to be causing some what of a headache for other devs.

If we had a post that told us how much progression roughly and i mean on the rough scale here. is that if that was done just as a % based on the amount of work maybe we could cross our fingers and at least know how much longer the game has untill its right up to speed again.

As for this update. Well. I suppose ill just wait for another KS backers update done though KS where as now its just a waiting game.

The site seems to be a bit lagged out, occasionally it gets fixed but then it returns, is this a host problem or some larger trouble ?.

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