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READ ME: Template and Rules

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Hey there, and welcome to the Character Concept thread!

Rules are simple:

1) Don't be an ass. Constructive criticism beats negative comments, so let's try to help each other out here.

2) Try to stay in setting. A cowboy from the past or an alien/cyborg hybrid just wouldn't fit in a Net Gain world.

Yes: Humans, cyborgs, androids.
No: Time travel, aliens, animal hybrids.

3) No copywritten content. This is a grey area, as its possible to make characters that are homages to ones in fiction, but we HIGHLY encourage our bitizens to avoid falling into that trap. A few details here are there are one thing, but a purple-haired, scantily clad, cyborg ninja cop lady might be a little on the nose...The only thing we for sure cannot allow are names and official trademarks.

4) If you create a thread, title it "(CHARACTER NAME) : (CHARACTER OCCUPATION)" so people can browse nice and fast. And no flooding the board with ten profiles at once.

So that being said post some pictures, discuss some characters and have some fun developing the world! :)

NOTE: As the game takes form we may refine the example below to be more game accurate, but right now it's more for fun and good discussion!


Occupation: (What company your character works for, or not)
Affiliation: (If your character belongs to a specific circle or group)

Skill set:
Personal History:

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