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Hibiki Ochs, Unlicensed Doctor and Dealer

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Name: Hibiki Ochs
Age: 32
Occupation: Freelance street surgeon, dealer
Affiliation: Friends of Icarus

Appearance: Short-ish, jet black hair. Always has a finely tailored suit, gloves, and a his black oni mask on in public. His body is heavily augmented, to the point where aging doesn't take much effect on his appearance. His eyes are dark, dark brown and synthetic.

Skill set: Hibiki is a talented and flexible field surgeon, though lacking extended medical training. He's got lots of experience patching up wounds and handling traumas for corporate executives and operatives. He doesn't know much about cybernetics outside his own. Hibiki has no formal combat training, but carries a knife tucked into his wrist that can be deployed on command. He has an unknown number of secret compartments on his body as well. He is a very adept net user.

Personal History: Hibiki was formerly a student of surgery at a large, medical college, attending on a trust fund left by his late parents. He left school after being hospitalized for grevious injuries sustained during a mugging, and the cost of the cybernetics needed to replace his broken bodyparts was astronomical. Unable to finish school, and with his parents trust fund dry, Hibiki ended up on the street. He got his first big break when he was hired by Matsuda Macrotech to fish bullets out of their operatives, and eventually made his connections in the black market. Now he sells drugs and rare items, plying his work as a discreet surgeon on the side from his luxury suite at the Regia Hotel.

Personality: Hibiki can come across a little jaded from the rest of the world. His unfortunate circumstances left him in a world not his own, and the almost ten years he's spent there have changed him. However, he recognizes a favor and returns it in kind...preferring to barter than just accept or give charity. He's an eternal businessman, and when he gives his word it's his bond. But if he doesn't...anything's fair game.

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