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White Wolf - hacker/Runner

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Alias: White wolf

Age: 24

Occupation: hacker/Runner

Affiliation: currently working as a lone operative and in direct competition with other members of his circle to either break into the biggest corps network or create the newest and deadliest software

Legion - a group of hackers who trade secrets and software and often play war games at the expense of the companies.

Freemasons - Below the surface of the Freemasons there is a lot darker goings, like meddling in current affairs of politics and trying to pull bigger strings with corporations

Yakuza - A huge criminal organisation mostly involved with drugs but has recently started to get into black market bio ware and hacking

Appearance: He is quite short and broad shouldered, his most defining feature would be his stand out white hair.

Skill set:
He is a prodigy with computers and turns his skills and knowledge to personal gain he stays to him self but when needed he has a tongue of silver and can charm his way into most places. He prefers to break into his target up close and personal and will most of the time charm his way into a company to then further break into it as a show of skill and act of defiance knowing that he lives behind his handle as most hackers do never showing thier faces or even risking their real identity, knowing one slip will have him caught and everything he has destroyed.

Personal History:

He has created some of the most terrifying software upto date and was one of the main developers behind plug jacking, where the user loses control of his plug and beams back information from his body to the attacker being sight, sounds, smell or even taste this also gives the attacker the chance to flood the victims body with senses completely shutting down their bodily function.

From time to time he will also associate him self with the yakuza for extra cash or the odd favour, but he mostly buys combat stims off them.

He has a aptitude for technology and needs to tinker with everything he come across looking for new things to make or break.


He has a addictive personality addicted to combat stims to keep him alert and awake for as long as he can till his body can't take it anymore.

His need to tinker and have the newest technology has also gotten him into trouble with his constant greed nearly being caught several times trying to walk out of a company with their latest prototypes.

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I imagine him looking something like:

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