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Luc Dupont, Corporate Broker

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Name: Luc Dupont
Age: 28
Occupation: Broker
Affiliation: Icarus Corporation

Appearance: Luc stands about 6'2" tall, with medium brown hair and high cheekbones. He wears suspenders with his shirt and tie combo at times, and tends to lean towards more antiquated styles of suit. Luc has blue eyes and a tattoo of his former Navy platoon insignia on his right shoulder.

Skill set: Luc is a more hands on type of broker. While he possesses the basic training all brokers receive (contact making, contract negotiating, counter-surveillance...etc) he also has training in close-quarters-combat, making him lethal at short distances. He has precision driving skills, speaks Chinese, and has no visible augmentations.

Personal History: Luc Dupont was born in Cannes, and grew up in New York City. He was raised by his father, a former naval officer, and served a short tour himself as a peacekeeper in North Korea. After his tour he returned to New York City, Icarus Corporation recruited him based on his service record, and his father's personal connections inside the company. Luc was trained as a broker and at the age of 26 he finally got his own office, an official member of the Icarus family.

Personality: Luc is the relaxed type. His wartime experience has left him unfazed by sudden violence and activity, making him one of the most valuable mobile brokers in the business. He isn't afraid to go to the dark, dank corners of the globe for a good contract, and his loyalty to the company is unmatched. He is a "company man", and through his training and years of service his devotion to the company name has almost eclipsed his morality. Tucked away under the suit is a man willing to bend the rules discreetly, if it means upholding what's left for honor in the industry he's in.

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