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Post Thu Oct 26, 2017 1:54 am

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One of the struggles I have is knowing if my raid was worth the effort. Say I spend 200,000 elixer, and 1,000 dark elixer on my army, and 7,500 gold in my base search, and the base I raid has 150,000 gold, 175,000 elixer, and 1,300 dark elixer. If I 3 star the base, I make gold and, and may make some elixer on my league bonus. Was the raid worth it? Depends on your goals.One idea is to use the space on the right side that tells you how much loot you're getting. Instead of starting at 0, start at your army and base search defecit. Base search depends on how many times you hit next.So if you spent 200,000 elixer on your army, you can immediately see when/if you make that profit.

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