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Near Future Corporate Espionage!

Post Sat Jul 06, 2013 3:07 pm

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This thread is for questions and tutorials about the game. Net Gain being in prototype offers very little in-game help and with good reasons - John is after all busy making this great game. Every tester is welcome to come with tips and guides, and I will try to slowly incorporate as many posts into the original post sorted into relevant topics (of course giving the poster credit for it in the OP).

Missions and Intel: The first few missions will be targeted at rival corporations. As far as I know the only mission type is Intel. By doing these missions you gain Intel points into the specific corporation you made this mission in. When you have selected the mission type a list of plots will appear; some blue and some black. The black are the preparing plots including briefing, debriefing and moving to the specific target. These missions are not able to fail and require no specific stats from the operatives to pass. The blue are the actual plots where your operatives are doing the more risky work. Every blue task is clickable and gives you the option of specifying the plots to a varying degree.

For an example the [Acces](Hack) task usually gives the option of choosing between a variety of "Hack Security", "Disable Alarm" or "Research Files". I have not yet discovered if the choice between these specific plots gives you different rewards, but the specific tasks have different stat requirements both in difficulty and which stats are needed.

When a plot is choses a menu will appear with the title Proposal Detail. In there you see the different tasks required for the plot and its difficulty. For an example the Disable Alarm could have:


Where the name is the skill name and the number the difficulty. Clicking on the blue bottom below each task will give you a selection of your hired operatives. The available operatives will be in blue and under each name you will se "Skill:" followed by an interval of numbers. This interval is the operatives capability in the choses task. If your operative has a skill interval of 0-3 that means he at best can beat a task with a difficulty at 3 and at worse fail a difficulty at 1.

Some Plots are more important than others, and Intel can still be gained even if some tasks fail. Hopefully this will be revealed later by either me or another player.

The total amount of Intel you have on a rival corporation can be seen when you Plan a target in the mission menu, or your intel list in your own Corporate Review menu (Which at the moment is Level Zero Corporation). The Intel list gives you the option of uncovering an asset from a rival Corporation you at least have 40 Intel points in. By uncovering a rival corporations asset a new target will be available in the mission planning under the available corporations. By choosing the Asset in the mission menu you can either research, destroy or steal the asset and by that either weaken your rival strengthen your corporation or both.

More updates will follow and feel free to add or correct me in anything. Like most of you I'm still learning. :)

Post Sun Jul 07, 2013 4:09 am

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Nice thread.

I would just make a minor correction regarding difficulty rolls.

"0-3" defines the span within which operative can roll results.
He or she can still beat higher difficulty by using gear.

I think that different plots are now cosmetic difference, apart from requiring different skills, when radically different. But I am sure that later they could produce radically different results.

It seems that it is enough to succeed at any of the three plots to proceed further.
There is currently only one critical plot, where you actually acquire Intel. Failing that one, fails the mission.

Post Sun Jul 07, 2013 5:07 pm

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Thansk for the feedback... I will incorporate your corrections. :)

Post Fri Jul 12, 2013 6:36 am

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Hey, I just gave this game a small go just a little while ago, The game is kind of intuitive you select the business you wish to infiltrate and you can select your operative and then tell them which sector to act on. Its a tiny confusing as to once you have someone on a mission it tells you that there preparing / then if you fast forward a couple of random events happen which you cant control which is fine, I managed to get clear the first mission but Getting right up to the end menu ' 3rd menu along the screen then having to esc back can be somewhat mind boggling i think i could use this word for the description because of the way the game doesnt really tell you how to go about navigating the menu's.

I know its getting fixed or has been fixed for the next release but that text down the bottem of the game is that ment to affect the way we think about companys and how we wish to go about thngs ?.

Its a little harder to know how or if you have an operative that says there not doing anything at this time. You can select them to do something but then it is for me at least a little confusing once you try and tell them to do something else.

Does the Time / Date matter in game or is that just a indicator of what timeline your looking at when speeding up the game ?. Is there A end date which everything has to be completed by ?.

BTW The company's at the start with the number in say the billions and stuff are those just to allow us to choose what type of company to go after first to give us a choice of what company we could go for.

Also the starting amount on our own bank at present isnt really effective, I find operatives flying every 5 mins to ths country to that country and then doing some extra work which is kinda kewl as we have little control over how they work but theres no real indication of how much money we have lost or spent as we are playing the game.

Sorry if this is the wrong thread just wasnt sure which one to really post my thoughts on game could be put in.

Post Thu Jul 18, 2013 3:20 pm
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Thanks for starting the thread! The latest build which should be authorized sometime soon changes all of this stuff quite a bit though, so expect to do some updating!
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