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Thoughts on Desura Build July 18th.

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Post Sun Jul 21, 2013 6:08 am

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Since I use a lot of words when I talk, I thought it best to post my thoughts here in the forums instead of on the facebook page.

So when planning out the missions I sort of got into a Confirm/Cancel loop for a while. I was confirming layouts, then I lost my place, and when checking what was planned for where I could only close those windows by canceling, which I think reset the plans to the original, non-optimal, state. I couldn't tell what was up or down for the longest time. So perhaps more clear wording on the return buttons from the 3rd windows while planning would be nice.

So I was playing the game and sending out teams, and I found that I was getting frustrated with the time passage portion of the game. Specifically, I grew frustrated that the passage of time was taking the dramatic tension away from the fun of sending my teams out to look death in the face. So I'd like to propose an option players can turn on that I am hesitantly calling, "Dramatic Timing." This suggestion is that when a team, any team of the ones you have, is nearing the end of a skill check the speed of the game is slowed back down to 1:1 speed for the "3 - 2 - 1 - 0" seconds on the clock, raising the tension of those last moments of uncertainty, and should they pass the test the speed goes back to the one set by the player. But should they fail, the speed would stay 1:1 and the Broker would have the chance to see the failure and begin making plans to compensate for that. Like maybe setting up a second team to hurry to the mission site and aid in a tactical withdrawal, or get into position to set up an ambush in case a shootout begins. Because as I understand it, the game is more than watching bars filling, it's the tension of entrusting plots and plans to people you can't control, so giving the opportunity to increase the tension should be a good thing. Like how XCOM allows players to turn off Health indicators.

I have yet to score 3 missions in a row where there was not a TPK, even with a Face, VTOL flyer, and Duelist added to the team. At the current point of development, I'd say the game is at a Ninja Gaiden level of difficulty. (Bedrock systems, I know. I just felt like saying "Ninja Gaiden level of difficulty" to cause people to nod their heads knowingly.)

I've found that having a professional driver is pretty much a must for a good team. The VTOL pilots are especially nice for fast insertions and escapes.

Does gear replenish at the start of each mission? Because I noticed Gear was not replenished when a team gets home from a job.

Question and a "It would be nifty." In the optimal final build, could we have the currently empty space (for this build, the right side of the screen) filled with mini indicators of various teams' mission status'? And sticky indicators of selected Assets under guard/observation that you think may get hit by rival teams/relocated so you can act on the fly? Because the trailer's imaginings of Luc with his sticky windows watching the whole of his operations really stuck with me, making me say that "I want to be that guy, right there. Except with glasses and carefully maintained stubble, because that's my own signature look."

So, those are my current thoughts looking at the current Desura build. Your progress is so fast and awesome, John!

EDIT: Oh, and the resetting position of the windows during planning of missions after confirming sub-objectives and during missions progress while looking at the running of sub-objectives is pretty annoying. :P

Post Fri Jul 26, 2013 3:23 am

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I will quickly respond since this website is so horrible to use atm.

I agree with most of the top coment but as for time for this site i really dont know and i dont care to test.

but yes the difficulty playing is now 10x more than what it was before even though the menu is much better to use now.

anyways till this site gets better in navigation.


Post Sun Jul 28, 2013 2:56 am

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Has there been a patch, Because i just checked the game again and it updated so whats the update what have you done, I can see that you have made it easier for starters to get though missions.

Oh thanks for making this site work slighty better btw. now i think i can actually leave feedback.

ok You can set your first missions or what you belive to be your first missions after checking the intel you click on them and you get those stats meaning nothing atm,

You can click on the first and say second say corporations and tell the game that you wish to invest some money in this or that ok np but what your not told is that. This involves missions because if you goto missions you will see that there is none active.

so then of cause you will go directly into selecting operatives and a mission which you think is the only one thats going to be running at that time which it is not.

ok so your first apparent mission is going on and what ok you watch all successfull you go to make a new mission you click the appropriate boxes to get a new mission but you cant really select a mission but if you pick a corp then mission under that tab it will tell you a new mission is actually running in the background, You can click on the running mission's that go with what you selected way back in the first part of the game those are running in the corp screens under missions and you can watch these like any other mission.

I thank you that you have made the missions more completable as it is kinda silly since you can find operatives stowing away if they fail a mission wich is fine but kinda silly as you just see stowaway anyways.

Is it possible with logs that you provide with the game or at least in here provide a change log of what has happend to the game ?.

Please can we have a option to turn off the music PLEASE!!!..

4.0 is it ?. gave it a test thought naa im not going to make another post ill just edit this and be done lol.

Thanks for allowing us to turn off the music now its not stright in the options menu when you first see your menu's you have to do a little bit to get to it but you can turn it off so thank you again for allowing us to do this.

ok Missions if you pick an objective theres a rule set for how that mission will be played out but... if you start trying to get your operatives to do the best they can do in the missions then you find that the objective changes to who or whatever the operative can do.

now. apart from this i have found that you if your planning a mission and once again trying to pick the best person for the right job and find that all your operatives fail in this theres like a mission that they will always get stuck on and it seems you can not delete this from the objectives no matter if you higher any extra operative, Not sure if thats planned or not but when you tell a operative not to go ahead and try and cancel the mission or that part of it does the mission change and delete or does the line of instructions that the operatives follow just change for that one line ?.

I dont know if its Internationale or not to have in say a battle that every new part of the battle be slowed down to 1 every time thers a new thing that happens to your operatives.

What is the meaning behind soaked ? does that mean bleeding ?

Also when theres fighting i find that the numbers of what is going on changes from say ok 7 vs 5 then it gets to like 5 vs 5 then all the sudden goes from like 2 vs 2 and then like 2 vs 1 then back to like 7 vs 5 again like the fight never ends untill your people are dead so maybe this is why the missions are failing always and no one gets away from a mission if theres a chance that they might be lucky to kill all that are in that fight to get away.

I think its coming along quite nicely

one last thing i think for now lol, When you complete a mission and its a little bodgy you completed that mission the intel that you might bring back if any does that go into the intel as new info or just as added to the numbers that you already have in that section of the game ?

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