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Near Future Corporate Espionage!

Post Sun Jul 07, 2013 4:30 am

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Very playable game with a great potential for incredible depth. I am very impressed by the initial prototype and just want to say thanks to John for making this idea a reality.

I understand that this is an early prototype and gameplay will be changed enormously, so I would like to focus on something that is likely to be more durable and harder to change later into the project.

Interface redesigns: Accessing operative screen from mission planning
Add button to go directly to operative section from mission planning.
For example, if I decided to hire someone, when I need a special skill set.

Right now it requires going back to main menu and selecting operatives. Also it makes it more challenging for me to remember which skill I actually need.

Perhaps also adding some brief summary of skills needed for the mission currently planned, but that can be difficult to squeeze in interface-wise.

Minor interface things
Selecting a company after scrolling down normally requires scrolling up.
The page scrolling should be reset
Permit to remove sliding menus, it is nice in the beginning, but then starts to annoy.
It is especially infuriating, when I am deciding between different plots. Let them just immediately redraw.

Minor interface: Browsing through active missions
I would like to have next button that allows me to browse through all active missions, when I am watching one of them.
Now it is rather inconvenient.

Unclear and confusing things
When companies earn profits, pay wages, assets lose their value. I thought it would end/beginning of the month, but it seems to be rather random.
Right now operatives have 3 loyalty percentages in their screen, but it is absolutely not clear what they stand for.

I was really startled to discover that you need to give go ahead after mission is planned. This puts extra effort, that is totally unwarranted, IMO. A better option would be that begin mission starts directly, while there is an option to finalise the details, but not send people off immediately.

I would like to see more information coming to me as I play along. E.g. pop-up notifying that mission has been (un)successfully completed. Also, let me know if there are any actions available to be taken or operatives being idle.

I particularly love Crusader Kings II approach with alerts and notifications, so you do not miss anything that requires your attention. It is very streamlined and gives you an excellent overview of what has to be done.

Gameplay suggestion
Everything should take time - scouting talent, expanding infrastructure, building assets (especially building assets)
But I guess it will be sorted out very soon.

I would also like to be able to hire operatives for a single shot mission. Perhaps it would be more expensive per mission, but what if I do not expect I will need a particular skill for once of a kind mission.

Post Thu Jul 18, 2013 3:40 pm
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Chabbrik wrote:
thanks to John for making this idea a reality.

Hey, I'm just building it. Without the support of you, the backers, this wouldn't be a reality!

Thanks for focusing on some of the bigger things!

Chabbrik wrote:
Interface redesigns: Accessing operative screen from mission planning

Yeah this is true. It's a bit difficult with the current prototype menu system, but what I'm hoping to have is a second "set" of explicitly called "details" window, so you can do things like click on an operative button wherever it is and it'll pull up their detail window on the right side. But yeah, the "tree" menu is very much going to get iterated into something better as son as I can!
Actually the new build will also color code those things so you'll be able to see what's required, and then you can assign your guys straight from that plot!

Chabbrik wrote:
Minor interface things

yeah, some slide when they're "new", some are just updated. the new menus are better about this sorta stuff. page scrolling will still need some finagling... it cvan be a hassle and each menu has different needs

Chabbrik wrote:
Unclear and confusing things

the economy stuff is still a bit buried, but there's new budgets and other things to make it a bit clearer.
The loyalty system is in a weird state of incomplete, it's not really gonna make sense until the next iteration which hopefully will be the next or build after.
the authorize/begin diff is more a setup for things to come: you'll make mission plans but might want to wait for certain teams to be available to do them, or have a often repeating operation running that you might put on ice for awhile to start up later. Missions are slowly becoming less "one shot", operations are probably going to be in the next (not just released) build!
Added alerts! still a rough first pass, but growing! I love CKII's system, but it's very complex. I'm looking to build something of a middle ground over the next few months.

Chabbrik wrote:
Gameplay suggestion

Yep! Scouting will actually be swapped for circles recruiting once circles get implemented. Expanding inf should take time, yeah. building assets now takes time! they get developed over time, then switch to "profiting" at which point they make money but degrade in worth over time.
technically you can just hire an op for one mission and then fire them after, but yeah, this+teams improvements will make that a bit clearer/easier!

Thank you for the feedback! I'll look to get some of this in the next build!
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