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Net Gain: Build 0.5.2 Available to Kickstarters!

Near Future Corporate Espionage!

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The Build

Download the latest build from Desura

Bug Tracker and Feature Requests

Build Reminder
"Please keep in mind: this is an extremely early closed test. Unlike an alpha or beta, there are still entire features being built and no artwork. Instead of spending the next two years sending all of you the occasional screenshot of the game in development, I wanted to include you in the process of building the game up from the start! On that note, none of these packages have any sort of DRM. Please don't spread them around, if only because the public at large will think "That's it", and doesn't know we're just starting out!"

"If you're just looking to play the game, you may want to wait a few more months for more of the core game to be finished, with more artwork and balancing and content.
However, if you're looking to join the conversation about the game's direction and growth from the start and want to see the game develop over time, then have at it! Rather than code in a cave, I want to hear your feedback and ideas. I loved watching games like Dwarf Fortress grow over the years, and want to provide the same experience."


Development Log

Upcoming Development

  • Economy: right now it's all on a flat level, but this sprint develops the fuller economic "tree", with corps acquiring and losing companies, and powerful conglomerates collecting other corporations under their powerful reach. this power scale will keep you fighting in your "weight class", but with room to grow (or shrivel). Also, giving assets some much-needed love, with their generated names, some art, etc. Economic model also iterating to the "fiefdom" system, where companies are more autonomous and pay a tariff to their overlords.

  • Operatives: their art is going to be a whole 'nother beast, though I'm trying to figure out a nice preliminary pass solution so I can get something up there to at least give you an idea what's planned. But mainly this pass involves making their traits have an effect on the world around them, operatives training/idling/doing interesting things, and the special events, also to be used in missions.

  • Missions: Conflicts will get upgraded from it's current 'draft' implementation to something more complete, with orders for fighting strategies, and smarter operatives employing all of their wide range of skills in conflict. Also using more of the nested objectives stuff, enabling more of the safehouse/resupply/dynamic mission things. Also events using the same system for operative events.

  • War Room: very basic war room features, such as having a number of analysts you can assign to break down your intel into something usable, and some basic "position" stuff for your broker within the corp.

Change Log

  • 0.5.2
    Version Number to title screen
    alert when corporation sells off asset
    new sigma(Σ) symbol
    ActiveObjectiveDetailMenu to track executors on start/if selecting an objective in progress.
    Asset SellPrice to (current rank * 2).
    CorpDetailMenu to open operative/intel/mission list in new base window
    Skill Names: Code(Utilities) -> Code(Programs), Code(Systems) -> Code(Admin)
  • 0.5.1
    squad/cell/executor destroyed state
    fixes, tweaks

  • 0.5.0
    "target" logs: records history for missions/objectives/operatives/assets/etc. still need proper/thorough implementation.
    Branding: Corporations and Companies now have logos! These are on the corp buttons and new company buttons, have logos and colors. Operatives also have color branding (currently only used on their loyalty bar)
    Circles: Circles are collections of operatives, sorted by any criteria that makesup an operative. The first draft of this system only shows professional circles until the interface catches up and makes browsing the variety of circles easier.
    New Intel System: Use intel to uncover 'associations' with the target, burning Intel Points until you create a path of intel to a new target of interest. you can convert intel (at a loss) between associations, discover new associations, or hold intel. Keep in mind all intel (except corporate) slowly degrades over time.
    New Mission Framework: changing basic prototype frameworks to the new systems, enables many features such as asynchronous non-linear missions, simultaneous plots, cell adaptability, mission structure/content variety, lone operatives, automatic "operations" that aren't generated like missions ("living world" stuff), and so on. Objectives are now nested in addition to being in linked order, having prerequisites (such as moving to or accessing security) that must be completed first.
    Property: Operatives will spend their salaries on improving their lifestyle. The first pass limits this to operative's renting a residence, getting fancier places with higher pay.
    Authority(Negotiate) to Authority(Debate). Charm(Negotiate) still exists.
    placeholder "$" to "Σ"(sigma), the 'currency' of brokers. Explained in "help".
    Cells: An improved button(Now the bars correspond to the team's strength in that area (orange=social skills, blue=net skills, green=stealth skills, red=combat skills)), Custom codenames for the team, and renamed from Team (Sounds cooler, doesn't it? It's also more accurate to how the cell will work in the field as the game progresses).
    Corporations: Broke out classes for the Department (the base class for the broker's entire department, first steps in making independent from the corporations. Super-secretive-sounding name generator in next build), and the Corporate Board (The "brains" of the corporation, composed of the executives and deciding what the corp does). Department budget handling improved; it changes based on a % of the current profit/loss, % determined by how much Sigma the corporation has. Plus, tons of Corp AI changes.
    Infrastructure: Now on a "point based" system, it shows how many assets that company can work on at once. When developing a new asset, the amount of available infrastructure determines how powerful the asset may be, and how many resources are spent developing it. All unused infrastructure helps with developing assets, in addition to that asset's dedicated infrastructure. Infrastructure also takes time to build up after purchasing.
    Loyalty: Operatives have coloured bars to show their loyalties, which will grow and change as they work with other operatives, get paid well, and so on.
    Missions: Along with the new intel system, investigating more targets and assassination(Operative) missions have been enabled. Conflicts can now be "leader" type where the most skilled operative takes the test in a conflict (e.g. your soldier always goes for your team until incapacitated, at which point the next best fighter goes). this is the best operative for the specific skill available to be used, not just set per conflict.
    Operative Detail Menu: Colored stat/skill listings, tooltip explaining skill test forumla.
    fixes, tweaks, improvements... too innumerable to write 'em all down.

  • 0.4.1
    active mission menu: only cancel plans, aborts active missions (if needed)
    teams: long list of fixes preventing "ghost" teams, running ops on 2 simultaneous missions, disbanding active teams, removing active operatives, adding ops to active teams, etc, etc.
    Team button: lists active/total operatives

  • 0.4.0
    Ages and Birthdays! Operatives now have ages and birthdays, and get older with time. age/birthday listed in details menu. Happy birthday, LZG!
    Alerts: alerts for dead operatives, birthdays, collected assets/intel...
    Asset Button! in company detail menu, shows rank, state, % developed/used up.
    Mission Team Handling! Add existing teams to a mission or create one from scratch.
    Operative Teams! in the operatives menu, you can create/manage/disband teams, assigning or removing operatives. These teams can be used in missions and stay together afterwards for easy reassignment (and more to come!).
    Specialists! You can temporarily assign operatives to a team during mission planning. these operatives will leave the team when the mission is finished.
    Fonts! Now with legibility! New font style, dynamic fonts added for better rendering and scaling, also many rendering tweaks: slide/dragged panels resolve to whole pixels, menus line up on whole pixels, etc.
    PlanTargetMenu: added exposed targets to top of list, clarified "Intel" on Buttons
    fixes, tweaks, improvements
    ActiveMissionMenu: no longer cancel finished missions
    operative button: now shows "dead" when dead

  • 0.3.0(309)
    mission plan/run tweaks: empty planned missions get cancelled, you can see proposal details while trying different operatives on the team, team assignment now shows the operative's profile, etc.
    operative biography tweak: location reference added back! there's only 8 regions so it's very broad (sorry north europeans!), but I'll be adding more specific regions soon!
    team tweaks: ops will stay in teams outside of missions. foundation for more team-centric planning and group handling
    codenames: you can add them now! It also tracks their "original" name use, and you can revert their name by entering an empty codename
    ticker: wasn't generating enough ticker headlines to fill wider screens
    conflict plot challenges

  • 0.3.0(304c)
    Alerts: Get notices for urgent events. Red Alerts will return time to 1:1. Click the red X to clear the list.
    Blip sound effect!
    Challenge/Plot/Objective/Mission Failure: teams can fail at skill challenges or in conflicts, causing interruption plots. First the team will try to escape, then they will have to fight if caught, eventually leading to bloody combat! Ops have a chance to recover a failed skill challenge. Whether through recovery or by resolving an escape and coming back to the challenge, and the previous attempt will reduce the challenge.
    Conflicts: Operatives fight with other teams using a set of skills; attacking, soaking, taking damage, and recovering. Some conflicts are with words or minds, but continued failure will always lead to a lethal fight!
    Department Budget: Paid out of the corp's income, use this to pay salaries, hiring fees, and scouting costs
    Mission Planning Colours: Colour codes on proposals, challenges, and assigning operatives help see what are the best options. Green: Guaranteed success (if not injured), Yellow: could pass or fail, Red: Guaranteed fail (excluding use of gear)
    Names: 329 backer names! Plus a few more filler names, and improvements to the name generator
    Profiles: Two new (Mask and Forger), and fleshed out skills for existing ones
    Special Buttons: Corporation buttons show profits and balances, Objective buttons indicate state with color and show time as a label and % fill, Challenge buttons do the same, Operative buttons show current operative status, stat health, and gear levels, etc.
    Title Screen!
    codenames: Assign your operatives codenames! Complete with codename history log.
    traits: More "adjective" traits. Still no mechanical effect.
    $ to [sigma]: The number represents an abstract sum of wealth, power, influence, etc. collected by assets and used for a wide assortment of purposes
    Industries: Systems (Firewalls, Detectors, Analysis, Training) & Personnel (CorpSec, Admins, Trainer)
    Tests: minimum = rank, +stat if rank+stat>school. maximum = rank+(school or stat, whichever's higher)
    Corp AI: Corps will develop, use, and sell off assets. They will expand comp infrastructure, keep a warchest of funds, split off income for the department budget, plan missions against each other, hire operatives for those mission challenges, adapt teams to learn from failures, etc.
    various bugs
    Headlines: Now with priorities, generated reports for game events, color coding and sorting in ticker based on priority, sized on ticker without shrinking text, the correct scroll speed, tons of new headlines, etc.
    Help: now actually somewhat helpful. (still placeholder and in need of proper tutorial/guide/etc)
    Plots: 43 new plots, and they fill out challenges with related skills for some more diversity. Plots have tags that determine what sort of objective they're used for, what sort of escape or conflict will come up if failed, and more.
    Added, improved, tweaked, changed, moved stuff: tons of other things too numerous to recount

  • 0.3.0(226)
    Prototype Release Build
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